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Welcome to our Warehouse!

KitchenWarehouse is a one-stop-shop for all your kitchen necessities, we offer great retail pricing. Most of our items are 20% cheaper than the going Amazon price for the same item, this gives us a competitive edge in the market, and allows the consumer to have a wholesome shopping experience with  affordable pricing for all of their kitchen needs.

If you are redesigning your kitchen, or if you are a contractor looking for a good kitchenware supplier for your project, KitchenWarehouse is the right destination for you.

We offer quantity discounts, and have wholesale pricing for businesses as well. Just sign up and we'll handle the rest!  

It will soon be possible to create a wedding or event registry at KitchenWH.com which will allow clients to share a robust wishlist of kitchen and home goods with their friends and family.

KitchenWarehouse is a subsidiary of GJS Commerce which is a top 5000 seller on Amazon, and won top customer in the B2B channel of World Kitchen in 2016. 

We are proud to have served over 3,000,000 customers, supplying the very best in the Home and Kitchen industry. We are a family company that truly understands the need to keep the very best in the kitchen.

Enjoy the stroll around our virtual Warehouse while shopping for the best in Kitchen.

We carry top grade Home & Kitchen brands, such as Anchor Hocking, Rubbermaid, Pyrex, Bormioli Rocco, Seacoast, Corningware, Lenox, Chicago Cutlery, Ball and much more. 

We are based in Dayton, Ohio, but reach out to our customers all over the United States. We currently sell on all major online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Jet.

We also offer great wholesale pricing for most of our brands. Just Subscribe and let the magic begin!


About the Seacoast Brand

Seacoast Logo

Seacoast is a GJS Commerce Home brand based in New York City.

We strive to bring quality products directly to the consumer, granting the ultimate shopping experience. Accessible to virtually anyone, anytime, at any location. 

Seacoast was born and raised online, and can be found exclusively on Amazon and KitchenWarehouse.

Our Seacoast line is constantly evolving and steadily gaining fresh additions. The Seacoast goal is to bring the price down on everyday kitchen items such as bottles, jars and more, to be enjoyed by everyone at all stages. 

Visit the Seacoast virtual show room right here on KitchenWarehouse.


The GJS Commerce Story

GJS Commerce originally started in 2013 selling kitchen items online through Amazon out of a local Starbucks for their internet access. In due time we grew enough to move into a shared office space in Miami, FL. In true entrepreneurial spirit we were initially receiving freight orders into a public storage facility until we were big enough to rent a small warehouse in North Miami Beach, at which point we started our own Private Label brand named Seacoast.
After a year we made the long journey to Dayton, OH where we are now set up with a 28,000 square foot distribution facility and employ more than 20 people.
We like to give back to the community, we hire minorities, and ex-cons. Even in Miami when we were still young we would hire individuals right out of the Half way House and worked with them individually to ease them back into society.
We believe everyone has a fair chance and the proof is in the pudding. Our current warehouse manager in Dayton started working with us at the end of 2015 when he was still in the half way house and proved to be a great asset to our business as he worked up the ranks and eventually became manager in 2017. We believe anyone can do it given the right tool set and focused training.
Our brand offers a wide selection of Kitchen and Home products at an affordable price. Usually competitively priced against Amazon and other online marketplaces.
Now, about four years in we have served over 3,000,000 customers and have sold tens of millions of kitchen items online. We are ranked as a top 5,000 seller on Amazon (1018 to be exact), and won top customer in the B2B channel of World Kitchen in 2016.
We launched our own retail website in 2018 to further enhance the kitchen and home industry, and to apply our expertise in a way where we can build relationships directly with our customers without the vail of Amazon holding us back.
We look forward to becoming bigger and badder, and having a better 2018!